Eric Betzig (University of California)

#12 — This episode of The Microscopists was recorded LIVE with a very special guest - Eric Betzig!

We already know so much about Eric, but I hope that our chat will reveal more about the man behind the many ingenious contributions to the world of microscopy, life sciences, and science in general.

While Eric is well known for receiving the 2014 Nobel Prize for Chemistry along with Stefan Hell and William Moerner for developing super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, you might be surprised to hear that he doesn’t consider himself a chemist at all.

Join us as we talk about the challenges and excitement of building a living room microscope, moving from academia to industry and back again, and how being a house husband led to a scientific breakthrough.

As this was recorded as a live event, the audience had the opportunity to put their own questions to Eric. Coffee or tea? Omnivore or Vegan? Ultrastructure or cellular dynamics?

While we don’t quite get the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, we do get to know Eric Betzig on a personal level.

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Eric Betzig (University of California)